PRIMAL is a team of elite operatives, hell bent on fighting for the downtrodden and oppressed. A renegade agency waging a secret war against the untouchables; powerful criminals, greed driven corporations, and twisted politicians. With cutting-edge technology and tactics they strike across the globe with impunity, stepping in where governments fail. PRIMAL books are dedicated to those who have fought for a just cause.The three stories in PRIMAL Origins are in chronological order as follows:PRIMAL Mirza is set during 1998-1999, in Kashmir and New Delhi. It?s a period of heightened tension between Indian and Pakistan, foreshadowing the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks. It introduces Mirza Mansoor, a key character later recruited in PRIMAL Unleashed.PRIMAL Inception takes place during 1999-2001 in Kosovo. It introduces Ice and Vance, CIA paramilitary operatives who go on to establish PRIMAL.PRIMAL Origin is the first novel in the PRIMAL series. Set in the Emirates and Cyprus, it takes place in 2004 during the height of the Global War on Terror. It tells the story of how PRIMAL was established, and we follow the team on their first mission against a Russian mafia syndicate.