WHAT DO YOU GET WHEN YOU GIVE TALENTED TEEN girl writers a chance to share their life story with the world? The firstever series of teen-authored memoirs: Louder Than Words. Each Louder Than Words book features a young author sharing her powerful story through unique prose, journal entries, and poetry. Louder Than Words: The First Collection features three unique books written by three incredible teen authors in one riveting compilation. In Marni: My True Story of Stress, Hair-Pulling, and Other Obsessions, Marni Bates brings us inside her secret world of 'pulling' and the challenges of surviving high school while trying to hide an obscure stress disorder.Then in Emily: My True Story of Chronic Illness and Missing Out On Life, Emily Smucker takes us through the senior year that wasn't when chronic illness forced her to miss out on one of the most important times of her life.And finally in Chelsey: My True Story of Murder, Loss, and Starting Over, Chelsey Shannon uses writing as a way to recover from experiencing the unthinkable when her father was murdered the week before her fourteenth birthday.Because Truth Is More Fascinating Than Fiction www.louderthanwordsbooks.com