Acclaimed psychic-medium and earth mysteries investigator Betsey Lewis describes in "Communicating with The Other Side" her profound paranormal experiences since eight-months-old. It all began with a close encounter on a lonely road with her parents and two missing hours. At age three she talked to invisible friends; describing them and hearing their messages-only meant for her. At age seven she was chased home from school by a giant silver disk, and one year later her grandfather passed away and days later his spirit stood over her bed to say to say goodbye. This is Betsey's personal story of lost love, lessons from past lives, and the proof of spirit communication. She was blessed with the amazing gift of clairaudience and clairvoyance and has made profound predictions such as-Robert Kennedy's assassination, the eruption of Mount St. Helens, Japan's megathrust earthquake in 2011, 9/11, the Indonesia earthquake of 2004, and the Sandy Hook shootings. Betsey believes her spirit guides have given glimpses of the future through the years and have saved her life numerous times for a mission to help others. In the story, Betsey poignantly describes her greatest challenges dealing with the untimely deaths of her husband, her father, her stepfather, her mother and her sister, and how each one of them returned to prove life and love continue after death. Betsey inherited the gift of prophecy from her mother who was one of her greatest teacher because of her belief in reincarnation, her psychic gift and her ability to astral project. Questions answered in the book: What happens after we die? Is there a heaven and a hell? Why do we reincarnate, and why don't most of us recall those past lives? What happens to people who commit suicide? Do our pets have souls and reincarnate with us? Does God judge us on the Other Side? What is a soulmate? How can you learn to communicate with departed loved ones? Discover the astonishing spirit manifestations and prophecies given to Betsey, how the bestselling author of "The Exorcist," William Peter Blatty, helped her late husband, Joe, the actress who recalled her past life as the late 1920s screen actress Jean Harlow and her regression by renowned author Brad Steiger. Bestselling author Ann Druffel, author "of The Psychic and the Detective, Past Lives, " "Future Growth," and "The Tujunga Contacts, "says, ""I've had the privilege of knowing two amazing psychics in my life- Armand Marcotte and Betsey Lewis. Both Armand and Betsey have touched lives in their remarkable gift of prophecy.""