History of Political Theory: An Introduction not only explores the great works ofWestern political theory but demonstratestheir continuing relevance.Volume II traces the origin and development of liberal political theory, and so the foundations for contemporary views.The work provides a readable, scholarly introduction to the great figures in Western political theory from Hobbes to Marx.Major theorists examined include Hobbes, Locke, Hume, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Burke, Mill, and Marx, not only major figures in the liberal tradition but liberal political theory's most important critics.Theorists are examined in their historical contexts, withextensive quotations allowing them to speak for themselves.Central concepts employed in their works are carefully examined, with special attention to bothhow they fit together to form coherent theories and how they bear on issues of contemporary concern.Major concepts examined include freedom, rights, political obligation, and revolution. Emphasizing depth rather than breadth, this work is an ideal introduction tool for instructors who have been searching for a text that combines careful exposition of important political theorists and clear, critical analysis.